Rebellious Jukebox LI: Black Panties vs Nineteen

IMG_4878Willfully, aggressively, cockily lo-fi, Black Panties are back with their first 45 in a few years, after deluging us with a ton of releases in a ridiculously short span a few years back (see some previous Rebellious Jukeboxes, where I sing their praises & praise their singes). These two new songs released on lo-fi garage-punk tastemaker label Total Punk aren’t liable to find any new fans for the band, & don’t really break any new ground, & hardly live up to the self-aggrandizingly self-referential lyric sheet, but if you think any of that matters to enjoying the Black Panties experience, you are absolutely missing the point. From the opening cacophonous drum solo on, this is the musical equivalent of your drunk friend running into you at some great basement show, & spilling beer all over your shirt. This is the sound of the best garage-punk being made these days. It doesn’t care, & in its not-caring, it finds transcendence.


Those sweet Nineteen kids cared waaaay too much back in the early 00’s, but luckily they never let that get in the way of creating some shit-hot punk rock. They had the chops to contend with the biggest names in the scene back then, & could wear the praise of punk bible Maximum Rock’n’Roll as a badge of honor. With all of their power as a live band, though, & with their constant work & scene-boosting, they left behind an unfortunately slim discography, the full length “Tearing Me Apart” cd & a 2002 split 7″ ep with Kansas City punks Rock Over London. Nineteen’s three songs on the ep are a window into their world. Spastically fluid bass lines, assured guitar power chords interspersed with interesting little lead lines, & no frills frenetic drumming, with hoarsely shouted vocals spouting out surprisingly (for how damn young these dudes were!) insightful political/personal sloganeering. Not to damn Nineteen with faint praise, but they could have been signed to Lookout Records. They could have headlined Warped Tour. They could have…uh, some other thing that would have been totally respectable at the time, but seems kind of embarrassingly quaint in hindsight. Oh well. Fortunately or unfortunately,  Nineteen broke up before the corporate sponsorships & fly-by-night celebrity fans & drug problems that would have inevitably come their way, so luckily for us, these few songs we have to remember them by can stay pure, & in their pureness, we find transcendence.


Black Panties-Dirt From The Mop

Some Nineteen, not from the split, but you get the idea…

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