Rebellious Jukebox XLIX: Pineapple RnR Vs Mr Pink Jeans

IMG_4513Heard ya missed me, I’m back. And I brought my pencil, now give me something to play these records on!


Pineapple RnR just released a 45 on Lumpy Records, & it might be the best thing the label has released so far. With members of Vanilla Beans, Janewave, Lumpy & the Dumpers, & whoever else, the songs herk & jerk & no wave with the best of them, but they definitely throw their own spin on things. The prominent saxophone sets them apart, & the arrangements are clever & unpredictable, but without resorting to novelty (for example, that slide whistle in No No No catches me off guard & makes me smile every single time). Lumpy Records & Pineapple RnR might even be in danger of having a crossover hit on their hands with side two’s Merferd In Bondage, which, in addition to having a great song title (sorry, non-St Louisans, it’s kind of an inside joke), has an ear-wormingly catchy whistling hook that ranks it into “song of the year” status. A fantastic record all around by this sort of super group!


Mr Pink Jeans were never in any danger of having a hit, but they did drop an altogether pleasant six song 7″ ep of lo-fi multi-gender indie-pop way back in 1996. Drummer Bill (post-Give Her A Lizard, pre-Prune) was the only member with any real prior band experience (& that not as a drummer), but they managed to craft a nice batch of songs, with all four members writing & taking turns at lead vocal. The sound is home-recordedly thin, but there are plenty of hints of what could have been accomplished with a studio budget. Dresser has a nice coda with hypnotic bass & chanting “ah’s” that borders on Galaxie 500-ish psych, while Spider Cider rides a surf wave of Salem 66-ish 80’s underground sound, which guitarist Cory later brought with her to bands like the MegaHurts & That’s My Daughter.  I suspect that there are plenty of copies of this record sitting in somebody’s closet, so if you try real hard, you can probably dig up a copy.


Pineapple RnR: Merferd In Bondage


Huh, I could have sworn somebody had digitized those Mr Pink Jeans tracks, but I couldn’t find them anywhere. If that changes, I’ll throw one up…


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