Rebellious Jukebox XLV: Bruiser Queen vs Left Arm

img_2032Hard-working duo (now trio? is that permanent?) Bruiser Queen dropped their latest 45 a few months ago, but I just now got myself a copy. Sorry for the delay, loyal Rebellious Jukebox reader. The Telepathic Mind/Rainbow In The Dark 45 finds them continuing to expand their sound, while still holding onto their love of garage grunge. With a ripping guitar solo, bouncy organ, & cool background la-la’s, Telepathic Mind has the lushness displayed on their last full length LP Sweet Static (itself a giant step from the semi-minimalist approach of their first few releases), but adds a definite early 80’s West Coast Psych-Revival feel. It wouldn’t sound out of place on some old Enigma Records comp next to the Pandoras, & that’s always been a musical sweet spot for me. Side B’s Rainbow In The Dark is a solid ┬ácover of the 80’s metal classic. Other than the fact that some people will likely find the very notion of a female fronted garage band covering Dio inherently funny, there’s nothing jokey or ironic about their take. The arrangement suits their strengths & Morgan’s vocals have a smokey soulful Dead Weather-ish feel to them. Leaving out the iconic main keyboard riff goes a long way towards making the song their own, as well. Good job all around, & I look forward to whatever’s next.

Bruiser Queen drummer Jason Potter has been kicking out (get it? kicking? he’s a drummer, so he has a kick pedal!) garage punk in the St Louis area for years, & his old band Left Arm’s swan song, the Electric Babies 45, is an unjustly underappreciated gem of the genre. Released in 2009, it’s three songs of in-the-red riffing & hollering, recorded in Detroit by some dude who I guess is a big name in those circles. I don’t know anything about all that, but I do know that side B’s Go Home has a grossly simplistic Stoogian wah-wah guitar solo in it that will never not make me smile, & sometimes that’s all you need.

Bruiser Queen-Telepathic Mind

Left Arm-Electric Babies