Rebellious Jukebox XLIII: Ruz vs Very Metal


Jeez Louise! Another Lumpy Records release? Okay, let’s do it! I assume Rüz named themselves after Cardiac Arrest singer/bandana enthusiast Rob Ruzicka (not a member of the band), but what do I know about who does what for why? I just listen to records & stuff. The six songs on this new Rüz 45 don’t break any ground, but they’re  probably not supposed to. Blasted through at breakneck speed, they get in, get angry (at cops, disloyalty, everything, etc), then get out. Can you sing along? Nope. Can you tell any of the songs apart? Nope. Does that matter? Nope. The closest they come to an anthem is side two’s Stabbed In The Back, which somehow rises above the cliche of the imagery (seriously, there are like two thousand straightedge songs about getting stabbed in the back) to achieve total fist-pump-run-into-somebody greatness.


Bird-flip-drunkenly-stumble-into-somebody greatness was all Very Metal hoped for, but they succeeded where so many others failed. On their 1996 ep 6 Melodies Of Mayhem (six songs on this record, too, huh? Who says there’s no such thing as progress?), the band tackles glue sniffin’, beer, murder, fuckin’, pretty much everything that made suburban parents afraid of punk rock, though it’s delivered with more of a cartoon-ish wink than a GG Allin handful of bloody poop. Musically it mostly just gets the job done, though occasionally the guitar player busts out some Greg Ginn-ish atonal jazz skronk lines that hint at how much thought is going into this simplistic bashing.


Rüz-Stabbed In The Back


Very Metal live in 1998, after they’d morphed into a slightly less cartoon-ish straight ahead thrash band. Oh well…

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