Rebellious Jukebox XXXIV: Black Panties vs Drunks With Guns


Dang, St Louis, y’all scared me for a minute. It was looking like nobody was gonna have a record out before the end of the year(except for me, but we’ll awkwardly cross that bridge of interest conflict when we get there). Thankfully, though, the punk rockers came to the rescue again, as Black Panties dropped their second 45 of the year, with more Panties dropping soon. Bring it on, dude!

Released by scuzz-punk powerhouse label of the moment Total Punk, the record is sure to sell out quick, so don’t sleep on getting yourself a copy. The prospect of it incrementally increasing in value ten years from now shouldn’t keep you from listening to the damn thing today, though, as Mr Panties has upped his game significantly since his last record (which was also no slouch, see whichever number Jukebox it was a few months ago where I reviewed it. I paired his take on garage-punk with Bob Kuban’s. It was great. You should go read it. I’ll wait.). Whereas the last one was drowned in tape hiss & distortion, this one is…well…also drowned in tape hiss & distortion, but with some sweetly creepy echoed out vocals (side one’s Prophet Of Hate) & some low-in-the-mix No-Wave keyboard blorts (side two’s Violence). The plodding sludge of side one is also a nice change-up from the usual balls-out assault of most of what I’ve heard on Total Punk. Not that I’ve heard really THAT much. I’m kind of a poseur, do you want your money back? Lyrically, the two songs still wallow in projected disgust & contempt for anyone/anything/anywhere that isn’t Black Panties, so, y’know, there are still some things you can rely on in this world.

For their third (or maybe fifth, depending on how you do the math) record, 1987’s “Alter Human Industrial Fetishisms,” Drunks With Guns continued to forge a path through the most loathsome anger-punk this city had seen up to that point (see whichever Jukebox it was I did a while ago where I matched up their first record with a Lumpy & The Dumpers 45. That one was pretty good, too). Spit out at an uncaring world, the songs are a little more thinly recorded than their first couple records, but that almost makes it creepier, like it was recorded by some guy through an air vent because he was scared to be in the same room with singer Mike Doskocil. The heavy stupidity of the guitar riffs, the completely unhinged screaming, the abrupt starts & stops, & the weird little “it sounds like they were gonna go into another song, but then it just cuts out” thing that happens at the end of Zombie all add up to absolutely un-easy listening. This record is a must-own for anyone who goes to 80’s nostalgia costume parties & loves new-wave throwback weekend on the Point (I don’t know if that’s actually a thing). The 80’s were a terrible terrible time, filled with awful people. Thankfully Drunks With Guns were there to document every hateful moment.

Black Panties-Prophet Of Hate

Drunks With Guns-Zombie

(one of these days, I’ll match somebody up with the later version of this song, when one of the splinter factions of Drunks With Guns re-recorded this with a 12 yr-old girl singing)

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