Rebellious Jukebox XXVI: Life Like vs The Breaks

IMG_20150605_145512Originally published December 2014

I realize that I write about a lot of punk rock records here in/on the Rebellious Jukebox, but here in St Louis, the punk rockers put out lots of punk rock records. As long as they keep being good, I’m gonna keep writing about them.

In the mid 00’s, the St Louis punk scene was going through another of its occasional bursts of creative explosion (there’s one going on now, too, by the way; get into it!). Bands were forming & re-forming & playing packed shows in cool D.I.Y. spots all over the city. Some of them even stayed together long enough to put out records! The Breaks put out a swell 45 in 2005, & it features six stop-on-a-dime jolts of pure energy. The lyrics, barked out with bulldog rage by Joe Sulier, rail against all of the usual targets like organized religion, jerks in the “scene,” um, society. It’s all delivered with passion & precision, & it still sounds fresh today, the soundtrack to circle-pitting, dog-piling, skateboarding, & other punk rock type stuff.

If you tried skateboarding to Life Like, (one of) Sulier’s current band(s), however, you’d probably lose a wheel & fall into a drainage ditch. Theirs is a stumbling, lurching take on angry punk rock, & their new “Savages” six song ep is really ugly & really good. Channeling “Damaged”-era Rollins, especially on the title track, Sulier snarls more than barks, & the lyrics are less “us against them” & more “we’re all in this together & we’re all fucked.” Enjoy!

The Breaks-Landlocked Blues
Life Like-Savages

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