Rebellious Jukebox XXIII: Maximum Effort vs The Meat Sisters

IMG_20150605_151615Originally published September 2014

A friend of mine once dismissed somebody’s record collection as “nothing but political punk 7-inches with black & white sleeves.” I’ve certainly seen that type of collection a time or ten, so I had to laugh, but ever since Jello Biafra started yelling about injustice, there’s been a steady stream of loudmouth bands yelling their politics on stage. Good for them.

Back in the early 90’s, a new batch of St Louis high school (or just out of it) punk kids started forming bands & finding new places to play & basically doing an end run around what was left of the 80’s punk clique. The hardest working band in this new scene was the Meat Sisters, & listening to their 1993 “Undermining America’s Traditional Values” 4-song ep is like opening a time capsule. Some of the political ranting is a little naive (though I’m sure all of the dudes would still agree with the basic ideas), some of the musicianship is a little unsure of itself (most of the Meat Sisters later went on to form the incredible Volatiles, though, who put out my favorite St Louis punk rock 45), & there’s that reggae song (yeah, I got nothin’), but mostly what you hear here is a young band making Their Statement & that’s just awesome!

Political paranoia, alien conspiracy, & the tyranny of physics are what make the world go ’round for Maximum Effort, & their new 4-song ep “Kill All Politicians…Seriously, Fucking Kill Every One Of Them” is all wide-eyed rants & riffs that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on a Maximum Rock’n’Roll compilation from 1984. Or 1994. Or 2014. I just wish they’d included a lyric sheet, so I could tell for sure what it is that they think is going to annihilate us all.

Meat Sisters: St Louis County (not actually on this record, but it was the only song I could find online)

Maximum Effort: Derweze (Well To Hell)

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