Rebellious Jukebox XX: Carte De Visite vs Erik Voeks

IMG_20150605_154315Originally published June 2014

Whew! Pop tunes & jangling, clean-toned guitars are back this month, after two Jukeboxes filled with Fister, Vacant Grave, Drunks With Guns, & Lumpy & The Dumpers. Enjoy!

First up, Belleville kids Carte De Visite bring us the brand new “Be A River” 3-song EP. Two vocal cuts & an instrumental, the songs strum along pleasantly, with assured arrangements & smart choices, like the trumpet that pops in for just a few seconds in “Eyes Like Runny Eggs,” but gets out before you think “Oh, they’re one of those bands that has a guy who plays trumpet.” Ryan Birkner has the right type of earnest but slightly off-key voice that keeps everything from getting too cutesy, too, & I really look forward to hearing more from these guys.

Pure pop for then people, St Louis popster Erik Voeks had a handful of critically acclaimed records in the early-mid 90’s, full of the kinds of clever wordplay & shimmering harmony that make music critics & community/college radio DJs wonder why more people don’t listen to this kind of stuff. On this 1992 45, he gets a little angsty on side A’s “Throw Me A Line,” but it’s side B’s “When Will It All End?” that gets me all wistful & nostalgic for my days of being a college radio DJ & discovering all this great underground pop music & wondering why more people didn’t listen to this kind of stuff.

Carte De Visite-“Be A River” EP

Erik Voeks-“When Will It All End?”

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