Rebellious Jukebox XIX: Lumpy & The Dumpers vs Drunks With Guns

IMG_20150605_154358Originally published May 2014

Lumbering misanthropy at its finest, Drunks With Guns created some of the most beautifully ugly punk rock to ever come out of St Louis. The music on their 1985 debut single is primal & repetitive & uncomfortably slow, but never boring. It digs into your skin, making you want to smash something just to relieve the tension, but you can’t stop listening or turn your back on it, because something bad is bound to happen to you if you do. Singer Mike Doskocil rasps & sputters like a little kid trying to sound evil, which sounds creepy as fuck coming out of a grown man. The few lyrics that rise above the muck make you happy that you can’t make out the rest of them.

It took nearly thirty years for St Louis to produce a worthy successor. Lumpy & The Dumpers don’t quite reach the depths of darkness that the Drunks revelled in, but the distorted bass that drives both songs on their “Gnats In The Pisser/Ghoul Breath” debut 45 brings back some of that old uneasy feeling, & the growling snarling vocals sit atop it perfectly. The addition of bizarro/cartoonish imagery to their take on ugliness makes it their own. The best St Louis punk rock has always been weird.

Drunks With Guns “I Got The Gun”

Lumpy & The Dumpers “Gnats In The Pissa”

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