Rebellious Jukebox XVII: The Hobosexuals vs Cesspool Baker

IMG_20150605_154510Originally published March 2014

I don’t think the Hobosexuals have written a song called Town Full Of Dirtbags yet, but give ’em time. Ryne Watts & company have beer buckets full of love for this city’s lovable losers, for the folks who work too hard & stay up too late & get up too early & make music because there’s so much music inside of them they’re gonna explode otherwise. And drink too much, because hey, what else are you gonna do? Their Big Muddy 45 from last year is a laidback mid-fi affair, sounding for all the world like it was written, learned, & recorded in an afternoon by people who know how to do that kind of thing. By their titles, She’s A Whiskey Maker (But I Love Her Still) & She’s Got A New Life (I’ve Got A High Life) sound like the sorts of novelty country songs you’d find on a truckstop jukebox in 1974, but musically they’re more backporch folksy, casual but assured. If the Hobosexuals aren’t quite John Prine or Shel Silverstein yet, they’re at least on the right track.

Of course the Hobosexuals are but the latest in a long line of dirtbags. Take country rockers Cesspool Baker, for example. I couldn’t find a release date for the 45 I’ve got, but I‘d guess mid-late 70‘s. The A-side is Mean & Evil, an ode to a woman who is, um, mean. And also evil. The track is marred by a too-busy bass line & a hotel-band style backing vocalist, but side two’s Would You Like To Get High And Ball has got it all figured out. I can only assume that that one was their set closer, sending their dirtbag fans home happy, even though they had to get up too early the next day & work too hard. And drink too much, because hey, what else are you gonna do?

Hobosexuals-She’s A Whiskey Maker (But I Love Her Still)

Sadly, no Cesspool Baker music seems to have been internetted yet…

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