Rebellious Jukebox XII: Bruiser Queen vs Brown & Langrehr

IMG_20150605_154849Originally published September 2013

Whoah, have I really been doing these for a year? Let’s re-visit some of my favorite columns & re-live the…ha ha, just kidding. This thing will always be looking forward, except for, y’know, the 1/2 of it every month that looks back. Whatever. Let’s do Rebellious Jukebox XII, kids!

This month we have a burner from Bruiser Queen. Always self-identifying with the garage rock scene, some of BQ’s earlier jams fell closer to  tougher riot-grunge thud rockers like L7 or Team Dresch, and that was just fine by me. I like that stuff, & they do it well. On their new “In Your Room/ Ms Everything” 45, though, they head straight down the alley, and that feels just right, too, as Potter’s slap-happy pounding & Nusbaum’s banshee soul shouting make sure it never gets near paint-by-numbers “garage rock” garage rock.  “In Your Room,” in particular, has the kind of stop-start herky jerkies that are sure to get beer spilled all over you at the show.

Early St Louis punk/wave duo Brown & Langrehr kicked up a mighty big sound for a two-piece, as well, on their 1980 45 debut. Side A’s “I Remember” was even picked by KSHE for one of their Seeds compilations, probably as a bone toss to a new wave scene they didn’t understand, but the hit is Side B’s “Crazy Days.” Over the stop-start herky jerkies (hmmm…), Langrehr dives into a goofy fantasy about selling all your stuff & hitting the road to play your hot rock to the masses. I think Bruiser Queen should cover it.

Bruiser Queen “In Your Room” official video

BOTH Brown & Langrehr cuts & a little more commentary, courtesy of Euclid Rekkids!

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