Rebellious Jukebox XI: Shaved Women/Maximum Effort vs The Volatiles

IMG_20150605_154923Originally published August 2013

Okay, you made me do it. Nobody else released a 45 last month, so I’m reviewing the July Tower Groove Singles Club release. Yes, I am somewhat involved in Tower Groove. Add or subtract from my opinions whatever you feel that you need to, it won’t hurt this lurching beast of a record one bit. One side features Shaved Women’s “Circles,” which only needed one wah-wah guitar solo to be the best “Wino-era” St Vitus song ever. It riffs & howls for damn near 5 minutes & then fades out. For all I know, they’re STILL playing it, & I’d be okay with that. The other side features Maximum Effort’s “Sacrifice,” filled with Zeng’s ranting Art Bell-isms, & hey, there’s that shredding guitar solo! Cool.

Just to put your conflict-of-interest fears to rest, though, I’m pairing that pretty great record with the Volatiles’ 1996 “Fuck All Punk Rockers” ep, which is easily my favorite St Louis punk rock 45 ever (so far, at least). Political without being preachy, catchy without being sappy, funny without being goofy, smart without being off-putting, this record had it all, five songs of punk perfection. And, oh yeah, the band featured the drumming skills of Tower Groove main man Duane Perry (crap! conflict of interest!).

Shaved Women “Circles”

No Volatiles musicks on the internets, but here’s a playlist saying they got played on WFMU in 1996. That’s kinda cool…

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