Rebellious Jukebox IV: Bug Chaser vs Man Igno

IMG_20150605_193441Originally published December 2012

With less groove than the Jesus Lizard & less scientific precision than the Dazzling Killmen, mid 90’s St Louis pig-fuckers Man Igno were a formidable force of angry artsy ugliness. Their 1994 3-song 45 is a mess of jarring changes & indecipherable howling. You have to practice hard to sound this discordant. I once saw them play a show out in St Charles or somewhere & they allowed almost John Cage-ian amounts of silence between notes, further proving that there was a lot of forethought behind this madness.

If you boiled post-everything octet Bug Chaser down to just a couple of their infinite influences, you might find yourself in similar territory to Man Igno, although you could follow a different path & end up with that weird Kraut-Rock Disco crossover thing that was epitomized by Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love.” Or you could end up in Go-Go land or Afro-Beat or 1990 Seattle or 2001 Rhode Island. You can dance to Bug Chaser’s 2-song 45, “Billy Saw A Pear/She’s Ninety” or you can headbang to it or you can calmly analyze it & parse its hidden meanings, & these would all be acceptable options. Bug Chaser isn’t a synthesis of all that’s come before it, it’s all that’s come before it & all that’s yet to come played ALL AT ONCE.
Bug Chaser “Billy Saw A Pear”

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