Rebellious Jukebox III: The Hooten Hallers vs The Boorays

IMG_20150605_193516Originally published November 2012

“The Athens to our Atlanta, the Bloomington to our Indianapolis, the Lawrence to our Kansas City, Columbia MO is our “college town.” What a magical place these “college towns” are. All the bands are cool, all the music fans are discerning, all the radio stations are hip, & all the bars have dollar pitchers every night. We should all go there right now! As close as Columbia & St Louis are to each other, though, our music scenes are uniquely our own, with only occasional overlap.

Columbia mountain men (are there mountains in Columbia? who knows?) The Hooten Hallers have just released a 45 with St Louis workhorses Big Muddy Records. A three song blazer, it starts off with the brief field-holler “War With Hell” (are there fields in Columbia? who knows?) before crashing through “Missouri Boy,” a celebration of bad ideas lived to the fullest in the great state of Missouri. Side two’s “Holy Moses” is a kazoo-fueled goof stomp about the Bible. Whether it’s ironic or sincere is pretty much left to the listener. I’d say it’s about half & half. My copy is #3 of 300, which is strange, as I bought it several weeks after the release show.
Early 90’s St Louis surf grungers The Boorays released a handful of 45s on the short-lived but influential Columbia based Faye Records. Side A’s “Girl Repellant” is a dark mope rocker with some really cool guitar harmonics, while the B-side is the peppier “You Move Me Like A Slug,” full of Morricone-ish guitar leads & “whoah-whoahs” & “nah-nahs” perfect for beery singalongs. Is it dollar pitcher night? My copy is #38 of 500. I don’t remember when or where I bought it.”
The Hooten Hallers “Holy Moses”
The Boorays “Girl Repellent”

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