Rebellious Jukebox II: Troubadour Dali vs The Clones

IMG_20150605_193550Originally published October 2012

Man, I’ve always loved the flexi-disc! It’s the cool of vinyl combined with the planned obsolescence of cassette. The more you love a flexi-disc & play it, the worse it will eventually start to sound. Plus, you have to put it on top of another record & then put a quarter on top of it or it won’t play at all. And they’re very (well, relatively) inexpensive to make, but the minimum run is huge, so they tend to get used as promos or teasers. It’s all so ridiculously impractical that I am genuinely bummed that the ‘grunt has never been on one (oh yeah, I’m in a band. factor that one way or the other into anything I ever say about anything if you have to).

The good folks at STL’s own Euclid Records Records are keeping the flexi-dream alive with the latest offering from space-pop wonderkids Troubadour Dali. “Drift” is a slight departure from their usual Black Warhol Motorcycle Massacre (which, don’t get me wrong, they are quite good at). This time the guitars bring to mind a more mid-80‘s Brit-Psych sound & the vocals are almost early 70’s Floyd-ish. It’s a fine moody tune & makes me look forward to what their next batch of heavy rockers will sound like.

From what I’ve gathered from reading old Jet Lag magazines & from talking to folks, The Clones were the most popular New Wave cover band in town. They had the best gear, made the most money, & all the West County girls loved ’em. Of course, all the “real” Punks hated ’em. They eventually moved on to a smattering of originals, two of which were squirted out on flexi-disc. “Sea Hawk” has the New Wave detached vocals down pat, paired with semi-funky bass & some atmospheric keyboard stabs. “When You Called Me His Name” is an uptempo dance rocker, not unlike Oingo Boingo without horns. My copy is autographed. Jealous?

I’m also hoping that somebody in town reading this still has a closet full of the Wax Theatricks flexi-discs that were given away with an issue of Noisy Paper. If so, gimme gimme gimme!

The Clones

Troubadour Dali

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