Rebellious Jukebox I: Kentucky Knife Fight vs Jumpin’ Gene Anderson

IMG_20150605_193626Originally published September 2012
“Welcome, spinners of the little records, to the inaugural edition of the Rebellious Jukebox, in which I will try to make sense of this city’s long & storied music scene, at 45 revolutions per minute. Each month I’ll feature a new (or at least new-ish) 45 release, which I’ll then compare & contrast with a 45 from our collected past. Or I’ll just write about some records I like. Whatever.
First up we have the debut vinyl offering from Kentucky Knife Fight. They’ve been around for a few years now & have evolved from an Animals-y simmering R&B garage outfit into a high-energy capital “R” rock act. The first few times I saw ’em I really thought they only needed  some sleazy organ or a horn section for that little extra oomph & hey, guess what, Side A’s Misshapen Love has horns all over it. It’s a nice Black Crowes-style Southern rock dance floor filler, full of slide guitars, the aforementioned horns, & some “woman-done-me-wrong” self deprecation. Side B’s Love The Lonely starts all sullen & broody, & then builds into a nice loud guitar storm with some nice dynamics. Good job.
Gene Anderson is another fine St Louis artist who has evolved over the years. Now known, after a stint with P-Funk, as the Poo Poo Man, & a king of the modern Southern party-blues circuit, he started out here in town backed by his band The Dynamic Psychedelics, releasing some top notch funky-fuzzy late 60’s soul with What’s Wrong With You Girl b/w the more typically “Northern Soul” gem Baby I Dig You, which had some underground dancehall popularity in Britain long after it sank without a trace here in the US. I like The Poo Poo Man’s work through the 80’s up to the present day, but if there’s any more of this stuff floating around, I’m dying to hear it.”
Official KKF video for Love The Lonely:
Gene Anderson’s Baby I Dig You

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